Nothin’ New

Video directed by Noa Silver, song performed by Equivocal, beats by Gabs.


The song is a collaboration between: Emiel Driessen & Noa Silver


This installation tells a story about connections, passages, phases and transformations. It makes use of modular poetry and interactive technology to create a unique experience for every visitor.

Mono eating – sound design

Sound design and music for a concept video explaining the idea of mono eating:   “How can design make people eat more conscious in a time when most people are often distracted and in a rush? Mono-eating focusses on unconscious eating behavior in a fast and multitasking society. Research shows that unconscious behavior, or automated behavior develops itself after repeating …

Freddy The Flamingo

I was appointed sound designer and foley artist for the promotional clips for The Social Garden. Bringing to life Freddy the Flamingo through the use of animation and sound. These videos are not mine. A Wij Twee production.    


This sound installation reflects the rising of the sea level.

Found Sounds Music

There is rhythm in everyday routines.

Super villain assignment

The assignment was to start sketching people on the streets, to then make a superhero or a villain inspired by these sketches. It had to be linked to a company, in my case it was my energy supplier since they messed up my bill.I was sketching a drunk homeless guy who told his friend: ‘Why don’t you kill yourself’ As I …

Left Alone

This piece was inspired by the vacancy in Schiedam and the movement from the citizens towards Rotterdam – Schiedam’s big neighbouring city. It was created for the Locations in Transition project at the WdKA.   No faces to fill the empty spaces  that remain in these streets of hollow structure;  built of bone, but no marrow. I see, open structures being …