The project aims to both reflect our own obsession with digitising our edible fuel and the (current) incapability of machines to truly understand the physical world.

Mechanical rhyme

This installation uses machine learning to read and dissect poetry. It analysis a database of poetry that is provided by the artist. It uses this database to generate new works.

Automated scriptures

The installation is made to generate a new holy scripture. It uses a neural network trained on the Bible and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It questions the written works on which most of us base our believes.

Sound, a tributary of Touch

This project revolves around intimacy with strangers and our inherent human need for physical acknowledgment.


This installation tells a story about connections, passages, phases and transformations. It makes use of modular poetry and interactive technology to create a unique experience for every visitor.

Reaume – A Virtual Reality Installation.

Reaume is a virtual reality installation, in which the visitor can explore art in a different setting than one would in a museum or public space. A VR art exhibition w here anything is possible.

Skeletons of castles

The sculpture is a self portrait. From the head of the wooden man a 30 min spoken word piece emerges.


We build a waterfilter to turn the water inside the canals of Rotterdam to drinkable water. This project aims to visualise and explain the filtration process of canal water. The clean water was used to make filter coffee and mint tea. It became a intrinsic part of the festive opening of the exhibition. Will the fire kept the visitors warm and …


The main theme here is shatters and painful but aesthetics destruction and the subject matter is deforestation.


This sound installation reflects the rising of the sea level.

When light breaks

This piece was an interactive installation that made use of delayed light. The installation traps and delays light, and thus time.