Animation Exercises

In by noa silver

Globox Throw and Catch

Process gifs:

Final Throw and Catch:

Old Mickey Walkcycle Development

First testrender

Second testrender after some feedback, I needed more structure in my work and had to make the old man attitude more convincing. So I made him go slower, less high and smaller steps.

Third testrender I added the second step and tried to make him lean more on the stick by drawing in a shoulder as my teacher suggested.

Final in place walkcycle

Final Mickey Walkcycle


The assignment was to make a story about a geometric shape in the city. We had to animate a segment, in the segment below Pentayuan just left the city and all hope seems lost. First project at WdKa

More Paper exercises:

My First Ever Paper Animated movie

(did clay and Lego stop-motion before this)