Klik! Assignment

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Klik testrenders

Some test renders showing my process.  The first clip was the basic idea for the camera concept, but visualised too simple to be readable. The second clip is the first test with only the lens done at school. This was too low of a resolution but did spark my motivation to get it right. The third clip is one where I hadn’t used a green-screen yet which made it hard to key the background out. There were two more attempts similar to this one before I got to the final shot that was used.

The two final Klik! animations

For the first Klik! logo the concept evolved from the sound of a camera since this was one of the first things I thought of when I thought about the assignment.

The idea here is that the animators make Klik! what it is. Thus their hands (which do the work) morph into the Klik! logo. The positioning of the hands also relates to the makers. The hands go from a portrait frame to a landscape frame, as a maker would do when looking at a subject.

Update on the final Klik! animations

After getting shortlisted for the spot on Comedy Central I did some additional adjustments to improve on the remarks they gave me and in the end I got the spot in their commercial:

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