Pursuit of Jelly

A horrifying film made with candy as a commentary on the food industry.

More info and making of here.


With Leo and Dandee.
The goal was to pitch our own animation serie.

More info can be found here.


A glitch video to accompany a song I made with Emiel Driessen.

Billy Infomercial

In collaboration with Graphic Grocery.

Animation and motion-design by me, all illustrations by Graphic Grocery.


An animation assignment where I was challenged to explore my own identity as a maker.

More info can be found here.

Klik! Animated Logo

A commercial for Klik Animation Festival in Amsterdam, which aired on Comedy Central.

More info and clips can be found here.

The Windmill Explained in a minute

Explanimation for a school assignment.

More clips and info can be found here.

Time-lapse for TedXYouth

Made at TedXYouth Amsterdam 2015.

Tutting Block

Made for the Loopdeloop bi-monthly animation challenge
Made in three days.


Another passion of mine.

More dance videos here.

Cardboard Poetry

A visual poem I created for the Locations in Transition project at the WdKA. The subject matter is vacancy.

More info can be found here.

Animation Exercises

Assignment done to learn more about the basics of animation.

More clips and info can be found here.

We Cast a Shadow Over Our Past

Do demented elderly still dream of their past? Inspired by my grandmother.

More info can be found here.